Whether it’s a special occasion or you just need some time to treat yourself, it is always great to go out and enjoy a delicious, high-class meal. At Yorba Linda Pines, we’re always on the lookout for top-tier restaurants where our residents can get the best the city has to offer.

Right here in Yorba Linda, The Wild Artichoke offers quality cuisine and a high-end dining experience that you won’t soon forget. Let’s take a closer look at The Wild Artichoke and what makes it so special.

The Founder

James D’Aquila, founder of the The Wild Artichoke, has a love and passion for cooking. In his “Welcome to The Wild Artichoke” video, he states that he finds joy in cooking and that he wasn’t ever meant for anything else. Which makes sense considering that he’s “obsessed with cooking.”

This level of heartfelt passion for cooking shines through in the quality of food that is served at The Wild Artichoke. James D’Aquila has a true talent for cooking, and his cuisine is something that you don’t want to miss out on.

The Menu

The menu at The Wild Artichoke has a mouth-watering selection of delicious, fine foods. Their starters include unique and delicious options:

  • Artichoke beignets
  • Fried calamari
  • New Haven clam pizza
  • And more

The main dishes include a wide variety of intriguing options such as the following:

  • Curried coconut sesame salmon
  • Porto’s gorgonzola chicken pasta
  • Roasted New Zealand rack of lamb
  • JD’s spicy shrimp jambalaya

There are many more menu items than what is listed above, but it is clear to see that they have some incredibly unique dishes that you aren’t going to find in very many other restaurants. This is one of the many reasons why The Wild Artichoke is worth coming to. You will definitely get a special dining experience when you visit!


If you can’t make it inside, no problem: The Wild Artichoke also offers catering! This is a great place to keep in mind for special events that may be coming up. The Wild Artichoke states, ”[We provide] a range of catering services for any size event, in our restaurant or at a location of your choice. We create a unique menu for every event and can provide wait staff to serve you and your guests as well.” Their catering service would guarantee a very impressive and memorable dining experience for you and your guests!

There is a lot to love about The Wild Artichoke. The passion that the founder has for the food, the quality of the menu, and the special catering option all make for a great dining experience. Consider giving it a try next time you are in Yorba Linda, California. And, if you’re looking for a place to stay in Yorba Linda, we’d love to give you a tour of our beautiful Yorba Linda Pines Apartments! Enjoy your time in Yorba Linda!