A lot of Americans are now working from home and many of them are struggling on how to make this a practical new working environment. Also, most of the colleges and universities are conducting their classes online or remotely for the 2020 summer term. Hence, many will have to make sure that they can keep this up for much longer than originally expected.

Conducting your business or school work remotely doesn’t have to send your productivity into a nosedive. With thoughtful preparation, you can keep yourself on task and thriving, even if you never go farther than 30 feet from your bed. Here are some steps for setting up a routine for an effective work-at-home strategy.

1. Decide on your work hours.

If you’re already accustomed to working nine to five every day, now’s not the time to change that. Keep your punch-in/out times the same. While you’re at it, keep waking up at the same time; losing your commute is no reason to sleep in. Instead, use that extra time for something constructive, like exercising, developing a skill, or spending time with your family/friends.

2. Designate a workspace.

When working at home, the greatest threat to productivity is distraction. That’s why setting a place apart for work is so important. “A good workspace can keep you comfortable, boost productivity and even help you feel more satisfied at work,” says Kristen Wessel, member of the Forbes Councils. “Invest in a workspace that works for you, not against you.” It could be the spare bedroom, the kitchen table, or even an empty corner, so long as you’re able to shut everything else out and focus.

3. Stay connected.

Just because you’re home alone doesn’t mean you need to live like a hermit. Get in the habit of checking in periodically with others throughout the day. Talk to coworkers through live chat apps to ensure everyone stays on the same page with projects. If you’re a student, form a regular study group through video conferencing to get ready for that big test.

4. Get out.

When getting into a routine, make sure it includes time outside. Go for a walk, take a morning jog, or just work from the porch or balcony for a while. Your body will thank you for the vitamin D.

Being successful working from home is possible and within your power. Follow the steps above and you’ll return to the office or classroom without skipping a beat.