Coronavirus has turned this world upside down. We’ve been through lockdowns and closures, with lots of events and services postponed or even canceled. Something that often can’t be postponed, though, is moving. If your lease is up, then you have no choice but to pack up and get ready to move. 

Moving during the pandemic can be a worrying prospect without proper precautions. If you are concerned about moving, here are a few ways to move safely during COVID-19. 

Plan Your Move in Advance

Moving can be chaotic in the best of times, with lots of moving pieces to manage. During the pandemic, the best way to keep a handle on your move is to plan everything ahead of time. If you start organizing logistics at least three months ahead, you should have plenty of time to find a moving company that has COVID-friendly policies, as well as acquire all the supplies you need, and pack up. 

With COVID, it is not necessarily safe to use recycled moving boxes or take lots of trips to the store. If you plan ahead, you can order new supplies online and have them delivered right to your door. Planning ahead will also give you the chance to talk to your leasing office about the moving procedures they would like you to follow. 

Planning ahead also allows you to find places for belongings that didn’t make the cut. As Liz Gersh, a professional organizer who specializes in moving services and estate clearing, puts it, “A large part of moving efficiently involves getting rid of stuff you don’t need before the move. Though many donation centers, consignment centers and auction houses have reopened, they have only so much storage space and can be pickier about what they take.” If you start early, you can find new homes for your things without sending everything to the landfill. 

Maintain Social Distancing

Research has found that the most reliable way to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, besides wearing a mask, is social distancing. Moving companies have taken this to heart and adopted practices that adhere to the guidelines set forth by the CDC. For example, many moving companies have switched to virtual in-home walkthroughs. You can get an estimate for your home over Skype or FaceTime! 

If you are worried about movers in your home, another option is moving yourself. Moving trucks are still available to rent, and the companies can arrange for low-contact pickups and drop-offs for safety. 

Sanitize Everything

Another important key to moving safely is keeping everything sanitized. You should have hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies on hand throughout the whole moving process for you and your movers. As you pack, take the opportunity to wipe down all of your belongings, especially ones that you would not normally clean. As an extra precaution, if you are using a moving company, finish packing at least 24 hours in advance and let the boxes sit until the next day, as COVID-19 can last up to 24 hours on cardboard. You should also wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep windows and doors open for air circulation. 

If you do start to feel sick, or if you are in a high-risk group, consider postponing your move. Nothing is more important than staying healthy and protecting others, so think long and hard before taking risks. However, as long as you are taking the proper precautions, like making plans, social distancing, and cleaning, you will have no problem moving safely into your new home!