Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the implementation of work-at-home policies for more and more working Americans, many are struggling to make this new working environment practical. With social distancing orders getting pushed further and further back and a large number of colleges and universities shifting to online classes for the 2020 summer term, it’s clear, we’ll have to keep this up much longer than originally expected.

You can still be productive when you are remotely doing your business or schoolwork. Here are four simple yet effective work-at-home tips that will help you get the job done even if you are only 30 feet away from your bed.

1. Set your work hours.

Keep the same punch-in and out times as you did before you started working at home. You should also wake up at the same time. Use your commute time for exercising, learning new skills, or simply spending time with your family.

2. Find your spot.

We all know that distractions slow down one’s productivity. That is why it is important to have that perfect spot in your home where you can fully focus on your work. “Invest in a workspace that works for you, not against you,” says Kristen Wessel, member of the Forbes Councils. It will help if your new workspace is comfortable and distraction-free.

3. Stay in touch.

Make use of live chats and video conferencing to stay connected. If you’re a student, an online study group could help you prepare for the tests coming up. Continue checking in with everybody throughout the day.

4. Get a dose of sunlight.

Include time outside on your new work routine. It can be as simple as working from the porch or balcony. Just remember to follow state guidelines when leaving for a walk or morning jog.

Working from home is possible and can lead to success by following the steps above. It will be as if you never left the office or the classroom at all.