The holidays are quickly approaching, and with the festivities usually comes a hefty to-do list. Most people don’t include appliance maintenance on this list, which may be a problem if you’re planning on roasting the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, hanging twinkling lights, baking delicious holiday treats, or making the switch from the AC to the heater this holiday season.

You need all your appliances in perfect working order to have the ideal holiday season. So don’t let a faulty appliance ruin the holidays. Follow these three holiday home maintenance tips to ensure you have a worry-free and magical season. 

Test All Your Appliances

Save yourself from a holiday fiasco by testing all your appliances before you need to use them for the holiday season. According to data on more than 381,000 appliances collected by Consumer Reports, more than 6 percent of people reported problems related to gas burners, ovens, or stove-top elements. These problems included broken gas ignitions or the oven not heating up. Among dishwasher owners, 11 percent said that their appliances weren’t cleaning correctly. 

To avoid these problems, do some holiday home maintenance a few weeks before the big day. Using all the appliances you’ll need for your holiday meal will help you know if you need to fix anything. Throw in a batch of cookies, bake a casserole—anything that heats up your oven and needs a timer. Then put all your dishes in the dishwasher to make sure it’s also doing its job correctly. 

Using and testing your appliances in advance gives you time to schedule maintenance or repairs before the holidays. 

Do Some Deep Cleaning

Holiday deep cleaning is more than scrubbing baseboards and mopping the floor. Be sure to save some time to spend on your most-used appliances. Use a vacuum and brush attachment to clean the coils on the back or bottom of the fridge. For your dishwasher, put one cup of white vinegar in an open container on the bottom of the empty dishwasher. The vinegar will break down the grime, including food, grease, and soap scum. Adding these few extra steps to your cleaning to-do list will make the holidays more stress-free.

Call Our Maintenance Crew for Holiday Home Maintenance

At Yorba Linda, we want your holiday season to be filled with joy and new memories—not stress. To help keep your season magical, our 24-hour maintenance teams and on-site management are ready to help if you have any issues with your appliances. So if your dishwasher isn’t working right or your fridge isn’t cooling like it should, visit Yorba Linda’s Resident Portal to submit a work order. We’ll schedule a time for the repair, getting you back on the holiday track. 

Following these holiday home maintenance tips this season by deep cleaning, testing appliances, and calling us if you need repairs will help to alleviate some of the stress that comes at this time of year. The whole staff at Yorba Linda wants you to have a magical, memory-filled, stress-free holiday season this year!