Summer is here at Yorba Linda Pines, and as the temperature continues to climb, staying hydrated becomes more and more important. Drinking water regularly has many health benefits: It can clear up your complexion, reduce headaches, curb appetite, and much more. But for all its obvious benefits, water can be bland and tasteless. Here are some fun tips to trick your brain into craving more of what your body needs most.

Dilute, Dilute, Dilute

If you think water lacks flavor, be strategic about what you add to it. Something bland like water needs to be enhanced by a potent flavor; nobody squeezes a mild fruit like a grape into their water. Go with a tart juice: cranberry, pomegranate, and citric fruits—such as lemon, lime, and grapefruit—are popular choices. If bland water is your base, go bold with your additional flavors.

Tea Transformation

Tea is a wonderful workaround for those of us who want to hydrate without boring our taste buds. Iced tea is certainly recommended during the warmer months, but hot or cold, there’s a tea selection for any occasion: chamomile for before bed, earl grey at breakfast, and green tea post-workout, not to mention all the herbal bouquets available for when you want to hydrate but not caffeinate.

Fizz It Up

For some, it’s not just the flavor of water that leaves them wanting more—it’s the texture. Tired of flat water? Add some excitement to your beverage with carbonation. Sparkling water is available at most grocery stores. However, if those delightful bubbles become your hydration method of choice, you’ll want to invest in a seltzer-maker you can set up at home.

Think Outside the Cube

Let’s face it: Water is boring. Iced water? Boring and crunchy. But your ice doesn’t need to stay as bland as your water. Get creative with what you leave in your ice trays overnight! Fruit juices, tea infusions, and even herbs and chopped vegetables can spice up your ice.

Hydration is important—but no one said water had to be boring as well. By adding strong flavors like potent fruit juices, drinking tea throughout the day, adding a little fizz to your glass, or mixing it up with your ice trays, you have plenty of options to keep cool, stay hydrated and healthy, and look forward to your water.